Tuesday, March 6, 2012

From a Young Patriot

I have a message for the pundits, the media, and everyone in between. It seems as though you have forgotten that we have a pitiful debt (15 trillion and counting) that's climbing even as I type this. It seems you have forgotten that we have an unemployment rate that continues to grow each passing day. Now, with all of this happening, what topic is dominating political dialogues? Birth control. That's right, contraception. I'm frankly appalled by what the mainstream media calls "news" nowadays. Since when was American society interested in talking about nothing but what ultimately amounts to other American's sex lives? This is ridiculous.

I'm going to college in less than six months. In six months, I begin life out on my own, and more importantly begin to run up my own government tab. You know what I'M concerned about right now? Student debt. The fact that I'm going to a four-year-college, obtaining a degree, and probably graduating into a job market that is less than promising. This is incredibly troubling. I'd love nothing more but to be able to go to college, graduate, and find a decent paying job that will help to aid me in paying off student loans. With a growing debt, that ain't gonna happen.

I'm concerned about the federal government's hands becoming even tighter around my neck. We're losing this country, folks. Even as a seventeen year old, I can see this. We're slowly becoming more and more ignorant of what's going on in Washington, and this is NOT healthy.

I absolutely love America. I don't want to see this country collapse.

These are troubling times, certainly not a time to talk about a damn pill. Grow up, America.

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Ryan said...

If only more young people your age were as mature as you.