Friday, April 6, 2012

John MacGovern for U.S. Senate

As many of you know, I live in the Green Mountain State, Vermont. We're known for many things in our state: maple syrup, the beautiful foliage, skiing...Oh, and our politics. From being the state that brought us President Calvin Coolidge to being the state that brings the self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders to the US Senate, Vermont has been all over the place in its politics. For now, and for quite possibly the rest of our lives, Vermont continues to bleed blue.

With the election for president coming up in November also comes the re-election campaign for socialist Bernie Sanders. Now, I've had many a quarrel with good ole' Bernie. I've challenged him in both Washington D.C. and in my hometown, and he's shown to be rude and disrespectful on both accounts. Then again, why would he be kind to a young conservative like myself? Like many of my fellow Vermonters, we assume that Bernie will win his seat every election by a landslide (what else would you expect from Vermont?), but, this year, we have a contender who shows promise.
John MacGovern, a Republican in VT, is challenging Bernie Sanders for his senate seat. I won't lie, upon hearing the news that Bernie had competition of any sort, I was thrilled. From serving four years in the Massachusetts legislature to founding a firm that helped telecommunication companies form relationships with businesses in China, John has a wide background in business and government. John runs on the primary issue of our national debt, as he states on his website:

"As Vermont families continue to struggle with tough economic times, we need to send a strong and clear message to Washington that it can't be business as usual anymore. In short, we can't spend our way to prosperity; and we certainly can't do it by making our families shoulder the burden of Washington's reckless spending."

Oh, and, he wants to repeal Obamacare.
John's bid for the senate has been picked up by both The Daily Caller and RedState, and I feel that if we get behind him, just like we have with other Republicans trying to oust democrats in other states, we could really have a shot at this.

So this is where I ask you guys to really support this man, and get the word out about his campaign. You all know who Bernie Sanders is, and you also know that he's one of many in the Senate who block any sort of bipartisanship bills coming from the House (I believe there are 27 right now collecting dust), making it exceedingly difficult to get things done, while our Republicans in the House get all of the blame. So let's help John, and kick a Socialist out the door in November.

John's site:

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Grendelwyze said...

Great way to stand up for conservatives campaigning for congress.

If I had known, I would have talked about him in my endorsement blog. I concentrated on key positions up for grabs, and those in Arizona.

I also support Katie Harrington (running against Ditzy Debbie hand-Puppet) and Liz E who is opposing Feinstein in Cali.