Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm graduated!

As of June 9th, I graduated high school. After four crazy years, I'm moving on and becoming an "adult". In the fall, I will be attending a community college for two years in Massachusetts with a transfer to a four-year school to complete my education.
           I'm not going to lie, with this change in my life, I find myself to be scared. I'm moving to a completely new state and leaving the comfort of my own town. I'm leaving everyone I know and starting fresh. It's a terrifying thought. I find myself worried about meeting new people and being able to handle the intense work that college brings (with a job on top to pay for my education). Just this week I picked out my first car. The only thing that keeps me from being incapable of doing these things is my belief in my potential. I plan to major in political science (shocker!) with a minor in communications with the hopes of working my way up to a position involving conservative media. I find that political commentary is a passion of mine, and I believe that if I work hard enough, I can truly succeed.
             It's not going to be easy; and I'm aware of it. Besides graduation money from relatives and the occasional help from my parents, my education is completely funded by me. No government hand outs, nothing. All me. (At least for the community college duration).  I'll have to work my butt off, but I think I'll appreciate it a hell of a lot more than someone whose education is either completely funded by their parents or by the government (too bad I'm not 1/32nd Cherokee!). Sure, I'm missing out on "the college experience", but I've never been much of a socialite.
           I have the will power, determination, smarts, and skill to make it. I just need to overcome this overwhelming anxiety. Real world, here I come!

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The Impolite Canadian said...

Congratulations on your graduation! I think you have the smarts to do just fine in your new life in the ''adult'' world. I read your tweets and blog sometimes and to be so smart at politics at your age is truly amazing. You're a breath of fresh air on this generation of....well...I'm not gonna say it, but kids who never heard the word NO scare me for our future.... Anxiety can also be excitement. Just remember that.

Kudos to you!!