Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Young Turks show media bias...Again

Oh Cenk, you've done it again. Today, The Young Turks put out a video criticizing Congressman Allen Wests's remarks (or lack thereof) on gay marriage. But not before he cracked a joke about "seeing Russia from your house" (I suppose he didn't get the memo that those were Tina Fey's words, not Sarah Palin's). Got any jokes that aren't from 2008, Cenk? Better yet, ones that are based on true comments from the people you're poking fun at?
Anyway, West appeared on CNN and was asked "should the federal government get involved in gay marriage?" To which he replied, "I think that when you look at who is issuing marriage certificates, it's a states issue." (Notice how he ANSWERED the question). West goes on to (correctly) note that most Americans couldn't care less about gay marriage as a primary issue when our economy continues to take a nosedive, which he of course received excessive criticism from the CNN hack for honestly stating.
Of course, Cenk wastes no time to attack West by saying that he "didn't answer the question" and that just because he doesn't think gay marriage is an issue, doesn't mean that it isn't. But folks, he DID answer the question. Just because he didn't throw red meat at Cenk to use in his incorrect, vitrolic rhetoric doesn't mean he didn't answer the question that was asked. Cenk was simply angry that West didn't admit to being against gay marriage so that he could ostracize another Conservative for disagreeing with him politically.

Yet again, another pointless and shameful attack on Conservatives. Then again, would you expect truthful reporting from Current TV phonies?

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Anonymous said...

Saw another TYT video earlier, it seems they have forgotten that "Liberal" doesn't mean unbiased. I suppose TYT is at its best when bias is mostly left out and a story is reported well. This seems to be a thing of the past, as of recent.

I had initially liked TYT as I thought it was mostly unbiased, but as of late I just see them crane-shunting an obvious leftist bias along with a rather laughable and distorted view of history.

I myself am not conservative, I don't associate with any sides so I prefer a news source to be as unbiased as possible. To see TYT show off its bias and at the same time bash others for doing the same thing is just sad.